The Original Thin Dense Chrome
Since 1945



Electrolizing® has been supplying customers with thin chrome products for over 77 years. Through our long history it has been proven again and again that our coatings provide precise, reliable and dependable protection that increases both the life and performance of industrial parts.

We offer the following coating types:

Below the Electrolizing® coatings product features and performance characteristics are reviewed.


Electrolizing® is the originator of the electrolizing thin dense chrome process. We perfected the electrolizing process and continue to improve and grow the company today.

Our coatings are engineered to give you superior performance and provide metal failure prevention and mitigation. Here are the properties that make Electrolizing® coatings the best choice.


Adhesion is the most important focus of the Electrolizing® technology. Without adhesion, surface treatments offer little benefit.

The Electrolizing® coatings must meet our standard repeated bend testing to 180 degrees without showing signs of chipping, spalling or separation. The results of our adhesion testing enables our technology to meet standard ASTM-B-489-85.


Electrolizing® provides the metal with a surface hardness of Rc 72 Rockwell. While the Electrolizing® coatings are extremely hard, they are also quite ductile.

The density of the coating provides a surface which has fewer cracks, inclusions, voids, and other surface irregularities as compared to conventional chrome plating. The combination of hardness and density results in reduced wear rates and a reduced coefficient of friction.


Using PTFE as the benchmark for reducing friction (0.05-0.10), Electrolizing® coatings provide a competitive 0.09-0.12 coefficient of friction. Electrolizing® coatings are excellent for providing a “dry lubricant” surface.

With uncoated steel against itself, the resulting frictional values are approximately 0.20 or greater. Micro-E and Electrolizing® coatings provide users with 0.09-0.12 coefficient of friction values, resulting in an approximately 50% improvement.

As an added bonus lubricated conditions will result in even lower values.


Electrolizing® coatings have been subjected to corrosion testing using ASTM-B-117 salt spray procedures. The results meet or exceed the criteria stated in specifications QQ-C-320, AMS 2406, and AMS 2438.

Additionally, the coatings have been evaluated in humidity tests, salt water, deionized water, bleach, various commercial reagents, acids, alkalines, and salts. Electrolizing® coatings are accepted for use in USDA regulated environments.


The coatings provided by Electrolizing® were developed and designed to be precise, thin depositions. Coating requirements range from 0.00005″ to 0.001″ per side.

Thickness requirements per part vary by material, engineering application, and performance expectations. The procedures, controls, and techniques for applying Electrolizing® assure that highly precise tolerances can be maintained.

Precise tolerances of 0.00005″ to 0.0001″ are routine. Tolerances vary with coating thickness and part geometry.

The availability of a thin, precisely controlled Electrolizing® coating can eliminate the need for traditional hard chrome plate and grind operations which can prove to be costly and time consuming.

Electrolizing® thin dense chrome coating products can solve your metal failure problems and improve the longevity in a wide variety of industrial processes.

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