The Original Thin Dense Chrome
Since 1945

Machined Components


From fundamental components such as shafts, gears, and bearings, to more complex components found in automated lines, packaging machines, and specialized machinery of every type, Electrolizing® can engineer a unique coating solution to improve and extend the life of your parts.

Applying the Electrolizing® coatings on your machined components has proven benefits such as increased production due to better cycle times and reduced maintenance time. By making these improvements you can expect to see better reliability, higher margins on production runs and reduced downtime.


  • Improved wear resistance leading to an extended life of components and systems
  • The thin even deposit does not affect part tolerances, weights, or balances
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Acts as a dry lubricant to reduce galling
  • Uses a cold process that does not affect part geometry
  • Effective deposits at high precision – as low as 0.00005” with a typical range of 0.0001” to 0.0003”
  • Can handle operating temperatures up to 1,600°F
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Certifiable to AMS 2460 and many customer driven specifications


The most common applications for the Electrolizing® coating on machined components includes shafts, bearings, cams, gears, rolls, seals, and specialized components for automated machinery. The coating can be applied to tool steels, aircraft steels, CRS, stainless steels, aluminum, inconel, monel, brass, bronze, copper, beryllium copper, and tungsten.

It’s important to note that Electrolizing® specializes in high-precision applications. We work within close tolerances, applying as little as 0.00005″ to the component surface.

By using a cold process, the Electrolizing® system prevents distortion and dimensional changes from occurring in the base metal.


As you can see there are many advantages and reasons to invest in Electrolizing’s thin dense chrome coating for machined components. Contact us today to learn more.

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