For over 70 years, Electrolizing®, Inc., in Providence, RI has provided the highest quality coating technologies to the industrial markets. Our coating technology has been developed and refined over the years giving Electrolizing® coatings a distinct advantage in the marketplace. As a result, few comparisons can be made with conventional plating products.

Electrolizing® coatings are made from the highest quality materials available and are regularly monitored to ensure compliance with our proprietary standards. This emphasis on quality control combined with our experienced staff, result in some of the highest quality coatings available to industry.

Electrolizing® Inc. is certified to ISO quality standards. All processing steps, quality measures and maintenance procedures are documented and available for review for each application. Our Quality Assurance staff can provide precise measurements of deposit thickness by using the latest advances in fluorescent x-ray technology, laser micrometers and many other state of the art instruments.

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