Q:  What is the best way to receive a quote for a part needing the Electrolizing® coating?
A:  Please contact our sales department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with a drawing of the part to be coated. Include areas requiring the coating and indicate any masking to be done. Please include the number of parts to be coated as well.

Q: What deposit thickness works the best?
A:  Each application is different and can be discussed with a sales representative. We will help you engineer the best deposit thickness for your specific application. Common deposit thicknesses encountered are .0001" to .0003", or .0002" to .0004" per side. Extreme wear or corrosion applications often are engineered at .0003" to .0005" per side.

Q:  What makes Electrolizing® coatings different from conventional coatings?
A:  Electrolizing® provides an engineered coating technology rather than simply a plating. Our chromium solution is made from the very best materials available, and is constantly tested for purity. Our coating's performance, whether hardness, lubricity or corrosion protection far exceeds other available platings. Also, our ability to tailor our coatings to best enhance your application set us apart from standard chrome platers.

Q: What are the metals that Electrolizing® can coat?
A:  Most all common metals in use today.......Cold Rolled Steel/Aluminium/Stainless Steel/Brass/Tool Steels/Inconel/Monel/Copper/Bronze.