Al-CoatTM was developed to meet the challenge of protecting aluminum alloys. This technologically advanced coating provides a dense, non-magnetic, high chromium alloy deposited directly on the aluminum substrate.

Al-CoatTM offers an extremely hard (70-72 Rc) surface that provides an unusual combination of bearing-type properties, low frictional coefficients, longer wear life and excellent corrosion protection. Deposit thickness for most applications can be engineered up to .001" per side. The coating is very adherent and does not chip, flake or peel, while remaining quite ductile.

Al-CoatTM is a non-reflective, satin grey coating. It is uniform in deposit thickness and consistent in appearance.

Al-CoatTM has been proven successful in many different applications including:

  • Sizing Dies and Molds
  • Heat Sealing Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Aircraft Housings and Shafts
  • Automation Equipment (Plates, Rails, Slides)
  • Computer Chip / Wafer Processing
  • Test Equipment

Al-CoatTM meets specification QQ-C-320, AMS-2438 and is USDA compliant.

If you are looking for performance improvements of your aluminium products, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about Al-CoatTM.

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